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With most of my friends were either away on missions or at school (like BYUH), my spare time was spent with the sisters going on exchanges. I got to attend zone conference –twice! - and was given the opportunity to hear Pres. Dickson of the Seventy speak to the missionaries here. In some ways, it almost feels like I came home to serve a mini mission. An experience I wouldn’t have had if I had remained at BYUH.


Also, for three weeks in December, our domestic help had returned to Indoensia for the Muslim New Year. As mom had to work, Su and I took over the meals— she lunch and I dinner. I had cooked some before, but it was always the same few things. This experience  allowed mom to pass more of her cooking skills to me (although I still need to work on them A LOT) and now I am quite confident that I can cook dinner for 2 weeks without repeating my menu. Go me!!!

The last week of December brought an unsuspected twist to my plans— kind of like the reality shows like to do to their contestants. After getting ready to pack to leave for BYU-Hawaii in a couple of days, I was asked by my parents to stay here in KL for at least one more semester. The news was crushing and unwelcome but I have since had time to get used to the idea. The best part is that I won’t have to wait for my husband to die first before I get a room to myself!!! I am excited to give the room I had shared with my sister a makeover and make it into my very own. It’s a strange feeling being like the younger daughter with a sister in college and I get to take over her room. 2004 has much in store for me, that’s for sure!

I’d hardly be exaggerating if I claimed that the year 2003 has been the most eventful year of my life. Shuffling back and forth between countries, relationships and hairdos, this has been a year of changes and growth.

The start of the year brought a new semester at BYU Hawaii and new guys on campus to date!!! YEAH! Valentines day came quickly and made up for all the years of not dating in Malaysia.

I made a TON of new friends that semester – some more special than others. =) (Yeah Jared – don’t say I didn’t mention you!)The best thing I did that winter was to join the Women’s Chorus on campus. I was given the opportunity to sing for an hour every weekday with 100 other women from all over the world. Sister Webb – only the most A M A Z I N G choir director in the world! - inspired us daily and reminded me what a truly amazing school BYUH is.

I also tried my hand at acting that semester and got a 4 line part in the school movie “The Empty Room”. It was really fun and was great exposure to some filmmaking. Plus, however small my part was – I got my name in the credits. Pretty neat!!!

At the end of the semester, we held a combined concert with the 60 men in the Men’s Chorus in which we got to do a mini musical medley with some choreographed dance steps and all. It was just a BLAST!

Winter ended and it was time to part with friends and relationships. Campus was very different with most of my friends gone, but I made new friends and one very, very special friend – yes you, Mark.

Besides that, the highlight of the Spring Term was DEFINITELY “Comedy Tonight” the theatre production that term. I auditioned just for the heck of it and got in—much to my surprise. Theatre opened me up immensely and I just had the most fun in all my BYUH experiences.


 As I could no longer afford school without a scholarship, I returned home at summer to reapply from home. It hasn’t easy to leave my school and close friends to move back home again indefinitely, but I have learnt to love it so much.

On the way home, I made a short detour to visit my friends Jared and Wendy in Vegas and then to Jared’s home in Mesa Arizona. The dry heat was very new to me but it was a great vacation. And I’m planning to have my kids marry Jared’s if that’s the only way that I can have connections with his awesome family now.


After 2 weeks of being back in Malaysia and blowing money on phone and Internet bills, a very special friend (Mark, you get mentioned more than once!) came to visit me and of course my amazing homeland. It was great to introduce him to my family and friends and show off my great looking boyfriend.

He soon left after 10 days and life was back to normal. Dad had begun business in the US and needed my help

at the office so I went back to my old job for the first half of the day. We had just gotten high speed internet there and it was nice not having to count the minutes while talking to Mark through the internet. :D Not long after that, I started teaching piano, taking over my violin teacher who was on maternity leave. As I had to drive to the students houses to teach them, my driving skills improved greatly - although not without a cost. I bumped and scraped the car some – ok ALOT – but nothing major, thank goodness. I grew very attached to the students and it was very, very difficult to let go of them when the 3 months were up.

Meanwhile, I was called back to the previous calling I had held in my branch –  and the best calling in the world! Nursery! The light of my life! I had 5-6 wonderful children to myself every Sunday and not to mention GREAT babysitting connections. $$$ Heheheh.

Happy Valentines Day

indeed! I received flowers from 3 guys that holiday.

I LOVE college!

Me in my choir outfit— a Samoan “Puletasi” with Gina and Juanita. What a great bunch of gals!

Me as “Lee Lee” the Asian FOB (Fresh off the boat)  in our “BYU-H Idol” sketch.

Ah… Jaszlyn—Princess Jaszlyn.

The only local child in the nursery.

Always trying to put my shoes on and points to my lips as she tries to kiss me and get a lipstick

transfer. “Lipstick. Niiiice… kiss!”

Elijah or “E-I”. I had to sing the Tele Tubby song every Sunday to get him to stop crying in Nursery for the first month.  Now he’s just the darlingest kid and the

happiest helper in the nursery.

Maggie. What would I do without her? She loves to cuddle and be rocked. She talks in long sentences, but to me, it usually sounds like this, “Hub buh goo goo ga ga thingamummy Nemo!”

Lydia (Lydi) who has a twin brother Isaac (Baba) and a baby sister Amelia (Mia Pia) in nursery. They moved around too much for me to get pics of them. They make nursery a lively place!

The 3 stooges, Charlie’s angels, the 3 musketeers, whatever you want to call us. You’re looking at the 2 best things that happened to me in the Winter. Jared and Wendy—you ROCK my world!!!

Ooh la-la. Break me off a piece of that! (Yes, Mark, I’m referring to you, not me! )

With a nursery like that—could you not help but just fall in love with your calling?! I know I did.

All in all, 2003 has been a year I will treasure up in my heart and look back on with tenderness for the rest of my life. It will be remembered as the year where I was stretched and tried and blessed and where Heavenly Father prepared me for adulthood.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I shuffled through relationships and hairdos.

Fortunately, I still change my hair and clothes more than I change men.

2003 — Fei’s Year of